Raicom Shabab

This live show for the youth portrays a group of youngsters in a friendly sociable atmosphere, talking about different issues that concern the young generation.

It Includes a variety of segments that target all youth age groups with different topics of interest that are rich in content and presented in a vivid, light-hearted entertaining manner.

These segments include:
• The World-Wide-Web, hi-tech topics, money and banks, health and lifestyle, Etiquette and the latest books.
• Sports and automobile world.
• Art & society. A celebrity guest will also join the discussion.
• Shopping, Fashion, Entertainment, Tourism, Cinema and what’s new in the newspapers…

Raicom Shabab also takes us outdoors to check out what’s hot and happening in Kuwait & the Arab world.


Show times

Saturday to Thursday 7:00 pm Kuwait Time

Saturday to Thursday 4:00 pm GMT


Now Showing

'Maw3ed 3la Al 3ashaa'

Maw3ed 3la Al 3ashaa | 02:25:00 PMSaturday


'Sanadiq Al3omr'

Saturday | 03:40:00 PM

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Sat | 08:00 PM

News Bulletin

Sat | 09:00 PM

Richter Talk

Sat | 09:30 PM


Sat | 10:00 PM