Since its launch in 2006, Al Rai Media Group was aiming to take its website to the forefront of new websites in the region as it’s the case with all other media channels owned by Al Rai. Therefore, Al Rai allocated the necessary human and technical resources to reach that goal. Now, Al Rai website is the leading news website in Kuwait with the testimony of specialized Market Research companies like “Ipsos” and “Effective Measure”. Al Rai website relies on a broad base of audience from inside and outside Kuwait, which exceeds one million unique visitors per month. Al Rai also embraces very engaging pages on different social media platforms.

Al Rai website is amongst the top 20 news websites in GCC in terms of Number of Visitors as the first Kuwaiti website to join the list. This shows the diversity of the readership base of Al Rai website and the integrity Al Rai website enjoys.
From the advertising perspective, the site attracts top advertisers in Kuwait and GCC in various sectors (banks, telecommunications, Automotive, restaurants ...) as it provides a positive feedback for advertisers. In addition to the positive feedback of the website, there is a big addition coming from Al Rai social media channels.

Through Al Rai website, RIMA offers a diversified portfolio of digital advertising solutions that varies from regular banners to different kinds of special operations. Moreover, Al Rai Digital Unit team has the capabilities and expertise to produce professional digital programs as well as media and commercial reports using state of the art technologies.

Alrai Digital Rates 2020